"My ex-husband and I were separated for a couple years and hadn't gotten around to filing for divorce so we connected with a mediator to help us through the process. Because we have two children, we always have gone out of our way to be amicable and sustain a good relationship and goodwill towards each other. Every time I met with our first mediator, I would end up crying because she kept trying to make us into something that we weren't and she kept forcing a kind of order and structure that we--both entrepreneurs--simply didn't have. Then my ex met Neelam at a networking event. 

We left the old mediator and hired Neelam to take care of us. She made all the complexity of filing for divorce go away and she did all the writing and organizing; all we had to do was answer her questions. She was patient and gracious and she made anxiety go away. At the end of the process, all we had to do was follow her instructions to file the paperwork one afternoon and now we're divorced. Neelam made it simple and stress-free at an affordable rate.

Neelam is very smart and competent and direct while alleviating anxiety for both parties--a critical skill set for a mediator. I recommend her to anyone going through a separation or divorce without hesitation. I wish we'd known her at the beginning of the separation process; we would have been able to save a few thousand dollars and avoided a few years of unnecessary anxiety."


 "My soon to be ex-wife and I engaged Neelam’s services after I requested a divorce.  I found her to be both professional and understanding.  She has been through the process herself and was able to identify with much of what I felt. 

Her advice on the overall process was generally accurate and helpful and I very much appreciate her help in advising me on how to secure ongoing, independent legal advice in a very cost effective way.  This alone made seeing her services worthwhile.

Neelam helped us put together a parenting plan that I found to be balanced and fair.  This was particularly important for me as man. She understood clearly that it is in the best interest of children to have both parents actively participating in their life as long as both are responsible and loving caregivers.  This was the most important factor for me in choosing Neelam as a mediator.  At a time of great upheaval and turmoil, Neelam’s compassion, understanding and expertise were very helpful.

Neelam’s accounting background is also a big plus.  She provides you with good advice and is very knowledgeable when it comes to the finances.  Neelam will also encourage you to seek good legal advice and you should.  She knows her job is to remain neutral and to facilitate the negotiation process while providing general information on legal processes.   My lawyer was happy that we were able to put a parenting plan in place, and remarked that fighting over the kids is usually the most expensive part of the divorce, so it was great that Neelam helped us negotiate this agreement quickly and cost-effectively.

Thanks Neelam.  Your help is much appreciated." 

- Divorce Angels Endorsement

"Neelam is calm, warm, easy to talk to and non-judgemental. She will make you feel at ease during a very difficult period in your life. She has a wealth of experience, both personally and professionally, that allow her to provide extremely valuable guidance and direction, and help you resolve your conflict(s) efficiently and cost-effectively, with less stress. Having been trained as a chartered accountant, she is highly skilled at dealing with the financial aspects of divorce and negotiating settlements that are fair and acceptable to both parties. Her skills are put to good use in both her divorce coaching business as well as her mediation business.

Neelam cares about her clients. Her passion for helping them resolve, move forward and find peace in their lives, is highly evident in the way she deals with them. Neelam strongly believes in helping families avoid the court system, and instead, stay in control of the decisions made about their future and their children’s future.

With a Chartered Accountant/Chartered Professional Accountant designation in addition to being an Accredited Family Mediator with the OAFM, Neelam has a unique skill set that enables her to mediate all divorce-related issues, from parenting to finances. Her breadth of knowledge shines through in the agreements she helps her clients achieve. Neelam is committed to helping her clients control their divorce-related costs and helping them restore peace in their lives."


 “I have been divorced for 6 years. I recently used Simple Solutions Mediation services for the first time, and was very satisfied.  Neelam was courteous, professional, knowledgable, and also displayed an understanding and empathy that many in the industry are sadly lacking. Neelam, I wish I knew about you when I first split from my former wife—I have no doubt the outcome would have been different!” 


"Going through a separation is a very stressful process at the best of times. I would absolutely recommend Neelam at Simple Solutions Mediation for her patience and compassion. She walked me through the process, answered all my questions  and always responded quickly to my emails and phone calls. "

- DR

"On September 20, 2018 I checked off my #1 goal for 2018 as completed, my divorce was finalized. Neelam was a valuable part of our team and guiding us to completion, including the “how to” submit the documents to the court and leveraging our Legal Shield membership. Neelam’s combination of knowledge, experience and patience were just what we needed together with her gentle reminders and professionalism."

- MF

"I was fortunate to meet Neelam Dhall from Simple Solutions Mediation Ltd through some of my professional contacts.  I anticipated working with just a lawyer for the separation agreement, however, the complexities of the divorce process were much more complicated than I originally expected and I was not getting the hands on help that I was needing to push through from my lawyer.  Neelam was consistently reliable, dedicated, and professional, with an ability to give me assurance and provide efficient and effective issue resolution suggestions.  She shared a wealth of relevant experience and provided much needed insight as to what the next steps were and how to navigate them.  Neelam is a hardworking and top-performing divorce specialist and I highly recommend her to assist in getting your divorce done in the most cost efficient and professional manner possible."

- WP

"Working with Neelam was great. I was pretty nervous going in, but she made the entire process painless and easy. I would highly recommend her to anyone."