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Neelam Dhall, CPA, CA, AccFM, Divorce Coach, Personal Financial Coach, Author

Neelam Dhall is a CPA, CA and AccFM (Accredited Family Mediator) with over 20 years of experience in Finance, Contract Negotiation and Contract Management.  She is well-versed in the complexities of separation/divorce, from dealing with parenting plans to dealing with the financial aspects of divorce to navigating the stressful process of preparing for and attending court.


Neelam is well-respected for her compassionate, calm approach and her eye for detail.  She has an exceptional ability to provide clarity and direction in a supportive, comfortable and neutral environment. Neelam's finance background enables her to mediate and assist you with resolving your divorce-related financial issues in a highly effective manner.  Her ability to mediate all matters in a divorce allows you to resolve your issues efficiently and cost-effectively with one person.

Having been through her own divorce, she understands the turmoil and stress that are brought on by divorce. She understands the complexities and emotions involved in creating parenting plans and dealing with the financial implications of divorce.  She is passionate about helping families resolve their disputes in a less stressful and less costly manner and finds it very rewarding to help her clients restore peace in their lives. 

Our Services

1.  Mediation for Separation and Divorce:

We help you create powerful separation/divorce settlements, avoid court and save money by resolving quickly.  These settlements will include:

Custody & Access/Parenting

  • Who is responsible for the decision making about your children - education, medical decisions, religion, etc.
  • School year schedules, holiday schedules, vacations, travel, birthdays, etc.
  • Creating an appropriate parenting plan to make sure your children thrive during and after your divorce.                                               

Child/Spousal Support 

  • Calculations, discussions and resolutions about the appropriate numbers; the impact to your finances and how you can move forward comfortably and empowered with financial knowledge.

Financials, Property Division and Equalization 

  • Settlement pertaining to your assets and debt - bank accounts, RRSPs, pensions, the house, the cottage, the mortgage, credit card debt, credit line, etc.  
  • Discussions about what it all means.
  • Powerful negotiations to arrive at a settlement.

We help you create separation & divorce settlements that make sense for your family!  

2.  Divorce Coaching

We support you through a very dark time in your life and help you see light at the end of the tunnel by providing you with:

  • Relevant information that you will need regarding your divorce (legal, financial, etc.)
  • Strategies for: 
    • Approaching your divorce from a place of peace and a sense of power.
    • Dealing with your ex-spouse in a constructive manner.
    • Maintaining your sanity during the divorce process.
    • Moving forward in your life with positivity and confidence.
  • A sounding board for identifying, reviewing, evaluating and deciding on steps to take, decisions to make, issues to be resolved.
  • Resources for emotional support, therapy, real estate needs, financial planning, affordable legal advice, socializing and creating a new life after divorce, fitness, etc.

We are a one-stop shop with a team of people that can help you through the turmoil and help you find your peace again.

3.  Personal Financial Coaching

We help you understand your financial situation and take control of your finances (before, during and after divorce) by:

  • Reviewing and summarizing your finances.
  • Providing clarity on how you arrived at your current financial situation and what you need to do to take control and soar with your finances.
  • Providing strategies for organizing your finances and empowering you to make better decisions about your money.
  • Providing you with a clear path for starting over after divorce.

Money doesn't have to be scary!  Let us help you make your money work for you!

4.  Financial Document Preparation (for divorce purposes):

  • Preparation of financial documents (with supporting documentation as required):
    • Form 13.1 Financial Statement
    • Form 13B Net Family Property Statement
    • Form 13C Comparison of Net Family Property Statements

We take the stress and burden off your shoulders so you can focus your efforts on moving forward and healing. We offer an affordable alternative for financial divorce documentation preparation, completed by a financial expert.

5.  Conflict Management & Resolution

  • Employee relations
  • Union negotiations
  • Labour Relations conflicts
  • Family business issues
  • Coaching, strategizing and implementation of steps to reduce conflict.

We help you arrive at powerful resolutions to stressful situations.

6.  Court Connected Mediation

In addition to Neelam's private mediation, divorce coaching and financial coaching practices, she is also  a member of The Mediation Centre, which offers Court connected mediation services to the Halton communities of Oakville, Burlington, Milton and Georgetown. 

Separation/divorce/conflict can be very overwhelming.  Let us help you acheive resolution and restore peace in your life.  Call us today for more information. 

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Our Team

Divorce can be complicated and challenging.  You may need the assistance of multiple professionals to help you move forward in a healthy, positive way.  For this reason, we have partnered with a number of professionals that can offer you the help you need, including the following:

- Psychotherapists (* services may be covered by your insurance plan)

- Life coaches

- Wellness coaches

- Personal trainers

- Social Workers

- Financial Advisors

- Mortgage Brokers

- Real Estate Agents

- Lawyers

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